Training to Keep Skills Sharp

As a business grows, so does the demand for quality training that assures ample, educated workers. Keeping with North Carolina’s tradition of esteemed universities and colleges, our county offers two sites for higher learning and continuing education.

Pfeiffer University

Stanly Community College

Quality, Affordable, Accredited

Our county also partners with the NC State University Industrial Extension Program, UNC Charlotte, the Centralina Workforce Development Board, and small business center training programs to customize on- and off-site training specific to local employer needs.

Training the Workforce of Tomorrow

Stanly Community College’s world-class Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Technology (AMIT) satellite in Albemarle focuses on training the workforce of today and tomorrow. By developing career skills such as automotive technology, HVAC installation, production technologies, welding and machining, electrical, and construction services, the center fills a void unserved by today’s education system.